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Since my mid-teens I have been really interested in heating healthy due to all the bad things we see and hear about unhealthy eating. Unfortunately, there are some myths out there, well, to be honest, a few too many. One person says this and another says that. I will provide you with some factual information, backed up with science! One of my favourites, but goes against the non proprietary blend is myoblox illa.

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PhD Nutrition Pharma Whey HT+ Review

This is my supplement review of the latest version of PhD Nutrition’s Pharma Whey HT+ protein supplement product. Having used many protein powder supplements over the years, this is one I find myself coming back to time and time again. An initial quick summary: they have a good variety of flavours, however, nothing in comparison to the US alternatives. None the less, they flavours are good and they actually taste quite nice too, especially when mixed with milk. The price point is slightly higher than the average bulk provider, however the product does have many added benefits than just a bog standard protein powder. There are however places whereby you can grab some heavily discounted prices from the smaller retailers and short dated from the likes of: http://www.supplements2u.co.uk/phd-pharma-whey-ht Continue reading

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Quest Nutrition Protein Bars Review

How could I not write a review of the epic Quest Protein Bars that are packed with top quality ingredients and form an ideal part of anybodys diet. They are also extremely convenient and taste brilliant! Continue reading

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Iforce Nutrition Conquer Review

Here we review the latest and greatest formula of Iforce Conquer that contains the newest of ingredients from the ever popular Iforce Nutrition brand. Continue reading

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